Week 2 Recipe: Vata calming tea

Ayurvedic Self-care Recipe: Medicinal Tea to Calm Vata Dosha

As I mention in the video, it is far better to learn five herbs very well than to memorize 50 superficially. This tea recipe is very easily modified with suggestions below.

1 Tbsp. oatstraw (A nervous system targeting tonic herb that can be replaced with ashwagandha, nettles, alfalfa, or a combination of chamomile and lavender.)

1 ½ tsp. spearmint (Serves digestive and respiratory systems to welcome vata-calming breath. Can replace with any mint.)

1 tsp. chamomile flowers (Serves the nervous and digestive systems, especially good for when high vata creates gas. Can be replaced with more oatstraw, lavender, kava kava, or gotu kola.)

½ tsp. lavender (Serves the nervous and digestive systems, but with the bitter taste to stimulate mental uplifting and digestive secretions)

1 tsp. coriander (Supports strong digestive fire without creating too much fire in the body. Can be replaced with fennel, cardamom, or cinnamon.)

Place the herbs into a French press or large vessel that will allow the plant material to move freely. Cover with 2 cups (16 ounces) of boiling water and leave to steep, covered, for about 20 minutes. Strain and serve warm, sweetened with raw honey if desired.