Befriend your body. Rewrite the story of your life.

The Art

of Worship


Awaken your power.

Welcome to the Art of Worship, a space to learn how to harness power in your body – and use it for the highest good.

The question is not if you have power. The question is: What are you going to do with your power?

The Art of Worship

If you:

  • have tried to talk your way to healing…
  • have done all the yoga but still can’t find your inner light
  • feel your body freeze when it’s time to ask for what you want
  • constantly apologize for your existence
  • question whether your gifts have value in the world
  • crave a visceral, tangible shift in how you show up in life
  • want more than just another coaching program or years of talk therapy.

Then it’s time to try a different path – one that centers healing in the body.

It’s time for the Art of Worship.

The Wisdom of Worship

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to have a certain something, a magnetic quality that draws attention and opportunities that they manage with ease, you’ve witnessed the art of receiving worship.

If you’ve ever watched in awe as a person elegantly, willingly devotes themselves to a deity, a cause, or a practice and emanates a light of inner peace, you’ve witnessed the art of giving worship.

These two directions of worship – receiving and giving – allow us to access and utilize our innate power. They build off each other, providing juicy and meaningful fuel for life.

These polar practices of receiving and giving worship are present in every ancient spiritual tradition, and are often mimicked in modern-day BDSM play. But when the Art of Worship is properly taught and practiced, what began as roleplay turns into a divine right of passage.

Learn the Art of Worship

To follow the Art of Worship, you must first choose your path:

1. Become a living deity with God(dess) Training
Step into who you truly are and learn how to ask for what you want without apology.

2. Learn to find inner peace with Surrender Training
Find purpose and pleasure in service to worthwhile people, causes, and practices, while learning to uphold your sacred boundaries.

 This work mixes together kink and BDSM with ancient mysticism and modern somatics. This is the kind of magic potion that satisfies even the hungriest souls.

Learn more about which of these paths is right for you below. Or, if you’re ready, book a 15-minute consult call with me to see if we’re a fit.

Please note that I don’t accept everyone for this work. If you are invited to work with me, we will create shared agreements and intentions to guide our time together. The work is strictly educational in nature.

Choose Your Path to the Art of Worship

The Art of Worship Path 1: God(dess) Training

To paraphrase Gandhi (and risk blasphemy), if we want the world to change, we first must change. But how can we make an impact if we don’t know how to step into and hold our power? 

If you’re aligned to working with me, you agree that how we define and use power today must shift. You envision a world where power is defined as:  

  • embodied life force, not blunt force.
  • inner knowing aligned with action, not divide and conquer. 
  • the ability to ask and graciously receive, not smash and grab. 

God(dess) Training teaches you how to amplify your presence, take up space, and ask for what you want without apology. 

Through 1:1 sessions, you’ll learn valuable techniques to: 

  • overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage
  • discover your unique expression of the divine
  • define and ask for what you really want – in the bedroom, the boardroom, and everywhere in between 
  • build an enticingly magnetic physical and energetic presence that turns heads
  • expand your capacity to receive and hold pleasure 
  • develop your ability to intuitively read a person’s energy and respond accordingly
  • harness attention as fuel – even attention you don’t think you want 
  • create your moral and ethical compass to use your power for the highest good

Picture yourself stepping into main character energy, learning teachings from my 30 years of experience as a healer and dedicated student of life force energy. You’ll learn practices for intuitive development, erotic embodiment, energy cultivation, somatic awareness, the mystical teachings of yoga, esoteric principles, ancient mythology, and so much more. 

A typical 75-minute session flow looks like this: 

  1. You’ll practice discipline by arriving on time, not late
  2. We begin with a check-in. This gives you time to share what’s happening in your life, reflect on how you have put God(dess) Training into practice, celebrate your wins, and ask questions. 
  3. We dive into the heart of the session by practicing tools and techniques that build your capacity to live as a God(dess) in human form. These tools will  include (but definitely aren’t limited to) breathwork to circulate and harness energy, pelvic clearing, receiving/giving attention, identifying desires, asking for what you want, archetypical embodiment/roleplay, moral compass development, connecting to your higher power, and more. 
  4. We will close with time for your integration and reflection. This is your chance to ask questions and get clarity on any aspect of the work. 
  5. I’ll assign practices and homework for you to play with before our next session.

While each client is unique and the sessions are bespoke, the practices are built on a trajectory to develop your embodied divine power. You’ll get the most out of your God(dess) Training if you commit to three months or more. And as a bonus – you’ll have text support from me so you can feel guided and held in between sessions.  

In learning to receive the Art of Worship, you’ll awaken the divine within you, discover your power, and find out how to put it to good use in the world.   

The Art of Worship Path 2: Surrender Training

Shhh – put down your weapons (and your tools). Let me take it from here. 

I know that the world is an unpredictable and often dangerous place. It’s hard to know what to trust, or whom. As the winds whip outside, let the space between us be your sanctuary to release into the power and wisdom of your generosity.  

Surrender Training is an experience of intuitive submission, a protocol for bowing to the Divine Feminine and not losing yourself in the process of service. 

In our 1:1 sessions (online or in person), you will explore your feeling small, vulnerable, yet deeply held as you learn to bow before the divine. I will show you how to lean into (and embrace) discomfort, honor the message it carries, and develop a deep trust in yourself. 

Through somatic roleplay, fantasy exploration, rituals, and erotic embodiment practices, you’ll learn:

  • how to hold sensation in your body – emotionally, physically, sexually
  • Ways to deepen sensation and explore new realms of pleasure
  • to bow to something greater than your own base desires
  • the difference between surrender and being a doormat
  • to work through resistance, selfishness, and self-destructive patterns that you can’t quite shake
  • to overcome shame and allow yourself to let go of control
  • how to offer true service that respects you and the other person
  • how a gift of service offers a tremendous value to the world

This path awakens the bliss that comes with wisely directed worship. In practicing giving the Art of Worship, you’ll learn what mystics and yogis have known for millennia – there is great pleasure in surrendering the ego’s control to a trustworthy source of power.

A typical 75-minute session flow looks like this: 

  1. You arrive on time, not early or late as a sign of respect.
  2. We begin with a short check-in where we’ll talk about your desires, limits, and/or responses to any assignments I gave.
  3. I build a scene that plays off of our check-in (or what has been prearranged). This may involve roleplay, archetype exploration, fantasy storylines, tasks, predicaments, etc. Each session will be bespoke based on your needs and your practice of proper worship.    
  4. We end with time for reflection and integration. This is a chance for you to 
  5. I’ll assign homework or journal prompts to guide your reflection until our next session.  

In learning to give the Art of Worship, you’ll experience the kind of joy that can only come from letting go of the reins, releasing shame, and finding a home for your desire to be of service.  

Note: While this program utilizes kink and role play steeped in the practices of modern BDSM, it is strictly educational. There is no sexual contact involved.   


The Art of Worship is right for you if you seek to:

  • turn the story of your pain into power
  • heal traumatic experiences
  • overcome fear and shame of your sexuality 
  • learn how to express desires and offer true consent
  • explore your sexuality after a divorce, illness, pregnancy, or other big life event
  • learn how to build intimacy with yourself or another
  • try on hidden personas or archetypes that are aching to be expressed
  • experience deeper love for your body and the stories it holds  

Please note that I don’t accept everyone for this work. If you are invited to work with me, we will create shared agreements and intentions to guide our time together. As the practitioner, I will uphold these agreements. I expect you to follow my lead in upholding your side as a way to ensure we can continue working together.

Individual one-off sessions also available. Please inquire about pricing. 

The Journal

“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40