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Enrich Me

I once heard a story about the meaning of enrichment. It was about the c*ck of a god that was torn off and swallowed by a fish. It was lost forever. But as the tale goes, it is the reason that the land becomes fertile when the great river floods. Though this is the...

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The Wisdom of the Muse

Do you ever forget yourself? Put differently, do you ever forget your capacity for greatness, for self-expression, for being a valuable member of your chosen community? Do you forget yourself as an artist? A thinker? A creator of new ways? If your memory is a little...

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Why I Left

It was impossible for me to know why I did it at the time I did it. I had my reasons. I laid them out logically on the table and argued my point. But whatever I said at the time wasn't the real reason. What I learned in the time after, through lightning flashes of...

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Now I Know

It’s impossible to know in the moment of doing something big why you are doing it. You may have your reasons at the time. You may lay each of them logically out on the table in front of you and argue your points with whomever is listening. But you don’t really know...

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1:1 - Inner Narrative Alchemy

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The Art of Worship

Harness the power of your body - and use it for the highest good

Love Story: A Course

A self guided program on turning pain into power

“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40