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Bespoke Erotica

Bespoke Erotica

Bring your fantasies to life

Welcome to the filthiest parts of your mind. Not just any old welcome, but a roll-out-the-red-carpet in your name kind of welcome. 

We’re throwing a party in your honor in a place where nothing is too much. No desire is too bizarre. No wish to be seen in any particular light is too far beyond the scope of what should or shouldn’t be. 

What will this thing be? A lot of fun.

“Sonja captured one of my deepest fantasies in a perfectly crafted story. We talked about what I would like in the story beforehand, and honestly I was surprised by all the originality and sexy twists that she crafted. She let me adjust parts of the draft, but I didn’t want to change much because it was so perfect. I highly recommend letting her take your fantasies and run wild with them, you won’t be disappointed.”


Erotic Art is Different

Erotica is not like typical pornography. Where porn is consumed with the idea of sex, the focus of erotica is on the energy of desire.

Most mainstream porn has one goal – to lead you to a peak of sexual release. Because this peak is often followed by a valley, it can lead to overconsumption as a way to return to the original “high.” This is why so many people are battling with porn addiction and have difficulty finding real-life sex as pleasurable as the extremes that are present on the screen.

Erotica, however, offers a meandering path through your turn on. Well-written erotica will guide you through undulating waves of bliss, letting you experience a more sustained sense of pleasure rather than one that asks you to disperse the energy of your turn on immediately.

With erotica, the experience of building is more important than the release. Think of it as edging, but for your mind.

Custom Erotica, Designed for Your Fantasies

You can search for any niche on a pornography site or erotica seller and find something that comes close to what captures your sexual attention, but your desires are uniquely yours, and anything that has been made for a mass audience will never quite scratch your itch.

With custom erotica, you are invited to dive into your erotic imagination and ask exactly who, what, when, how, and where. After you’ve answered those questions, you’ll be ready to receive an erotic story that fits you perfectly.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything.”


Why You Need This Work

Everyone has at least one sexual fantasy. Some people have dozens.

Whether it’s your go-to when you self-pleasure or an idea that has drawn you in since adolescence, fantasies have a purpose. Playing in this space of make-believe feels good because fantasies are full of symbolism and metaphor that tell us what we want in life, and who we see ourselves to be.

While we don’t need to know all the “whys” of our sexual fantasies (in fact, I caution people away from going too deep into the psychology of desires/kinks – some things are just hot and don’t need any more explanation) shining light on what we want unlocks our power.

The gift of trying on these fantasies – especially those that we’ve never voiced – is an experience of authentic pleasure, without shame.

“What you wrote is so perfect”


Custom Erotica is for you if:


You want to try out a fantasy before you actually try out a fantasy.

You have a sexual fantasy that is unethical or impossible to act out in real life (Professor/student! Breaking and entering! Aliens! Underwater sea creatures!).

You’re looking for a creative way to remove layers of shame from what you want.

You want to exercise your erotic imagination.

You simply want to have a good time – that’s welcome here too.

“You’re so good with your words, it can send shivers down a man’s spine.”


How the Process Works

We’ll begin with a simple write up of what you want. You’ll fill out a form that shares the parts that you want to capture in your bespoke erotica story.

Not sure where to begin? Check out this free list of sexual fantasy prompts.

Depending on how much information you share, or if I need clarification, we’ll do a call or a few email questions to outline exactly what you want and how you want it.

Once we establish the basics of the story, I’ll get to work. You’ll receive your written story (or upgrade to receive an audio recording) within 4-6 weeks.

Ready to Start?

As a way to thank you for jumping on this new custom erotica service, I’m extending a highly discounted rate of just $200 for a written story or $300 for written with an audio recording, my voice and my professional standards.

And if You’re Feeling Stuck?

Diving into sexual fantasy is not always as easy as it sounds. Triggers come up. Blocks appear. Sometimes what seemed like a flashing neon light of excitement is just a blank white wall when you try to explain what you want.

If you need more support, you can choose to upgrade to receive 1:1 work with me. In four calls we’ll draw out the threads of your erotic imagination and weave together the scene that you’re aching for. Sample topics might include walking through a peak erotic experience, your self-pleasure practices and how to shift out of old patterns, and ways shame around your sexuality might be blocking you from naming your deepest desires.

I’ve been holding space as a healer for more than 20 years and have a trauma-informed approach that values choice and moves at the pace of my clients’ comfort. Learn more about my training and background here.


Your Questions Answered

What topics are off-limits?

I have written erotica about many topics, some of which fall into my personal fantasies and others that are far outside what I would typically seek. If you’re turned on by situations that would otherwise be unethical, somewhat ridiculous, or physically impossible, I welcome you and your wild imagination.  

I adore hearing what’s on your filthy mind and can entertain nearly every topic and desire, with one very clear exception: I will not write anything that involves minors in any form. I’m sure you get it.  

You’ll also be asked to verify your age before we begin, just to make sure.  

Can I see a sample of your writing?

Sure thing – here’s a brief excerpt from a story I wrote.


How can I be sure I’ll like what you’re writing?

I’ll give you the choice if you’d like to read through the first draft of the story or not. Some people prefer to see a first draft, others want to be surprised. If you want to be involved in the editing, I’ll give you one read-through to make small adjustments, such as names, locations, sequence. Larger rewrites, such as plot changes, will constitute a new story and new payment.

What if I want to buy this for another person as a gift?

What a fabulous idea for birthdays, divorces, wedding parties, etc. Just be sure you have a general sense of what their fantasy is so the story is a good fit for them.

What if I have no idea what my fantasies are?

Check out this list of fantasy prompts!

If that doesn’t spark your imagination, sign up for 1:1 work with me as part of the bespoke erotica package.

What are your specialities?

I get a lot of requests for stories about older women, and I absolutely adore writing about this topic, both from the perspective of the woman or her lover. 

I also like writing about kink/BDSM (especially the voyeur/exhibitionist dynamic and ownership), ritual sex, and ecosexuality.

The Journal

“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40