Befriend your body. Rewrite the story of your life.

The Oracle of Love

Intuitive readings on intimacy, sex, and romance

Meet the wisdom of your inner lover through energy healing.

Intuition is the spark of insight. It allows us to see into the corners of our experience that are a little dusty, a little covered in cobwebs. It brings awareness, connection, resolution, and a greater comfort with true intimacy – the power of seeing and being seen.

This power gives us the ability to see and name energetic patterns and redirect them to serve a greater purpose.

The purpose I choose to serve – to share the truth that love is the greatest asset we have, and the most powerful investment we can make in our lives.

How to believe in love again

It is our birthright to give and receive love. Freely and wildly. From the moment we are born, we search for love in the arms of our caregivers. As we grow, we lace fingers with friends and, later, lovers. We learn how terrifyingly magnificent it feels to offer our most vulnerable and valuable parts to those who make us want to sing.

Yet even though love is the fabric of the universe, we can too easily get stuck in patterns that prevent the natural ebb and flow of eros. We get in the way of ourselves, tripping over our shoelaces as we lean in for a kiss, and let our shame overtake our belief that we deserve love.

Oracle of Love intuitive readings are a way to gain insight into patterns in your relationships, untangle yourself from destructive beliefs, and integrate the inevitable loss that comes with love.

“Sonja’s gifts never cease to amaze me. Her intuition and insight is spot on. Sonja has helped me find peace, clarity, and healing during the most difficult times of my life.”


Find out what love means for you 

Oracle of Love readings are designed to show you how love and intimacy have shaped your soul and purpose. Who is this person to me? Why does it show up this way over and over again? What is it teaching me? Will I find it again? 

Love asks many questions of us. Oracle of Love readings are your chance to ask some questions of your own.

A life dedicated to love is not for the faint of heart. But the work of keeping our hearts permeable is a gift unto itself.

Who is this work for?

Love takes us on a journey as brutal as it is beautiful. It makes sense that we all need a little space to take a rest and integrate what we’ve gone through. That is the purpose of getting an Oracle of Love intuitive reading with me. 

In nearly three decades of doing this work, here are just some reasons my clients come to me for intuitive readings about their love lives: 


  • When emotions become too much to handle. Fear of dying alone. Fear of living together. Fear of lying. Fear of speaking the truth.    
  • When questions become too overwhelming to answer. Should I divorce? Should I trust? Will I ever find love again? 
  • When loss overtakes life. Death. Divorce. Breakups. Unrequited love. Infidelity. Loss of identity. 
  • When the body is keeping the score. Unexplained libido loss. Shifting sexual desires. Past life patterns.
  • When the patterns become unsustainable. Attachment wounds. Blame games. Dependency. Victimhood. Desperation. 

What is an Oracle of Love reading like?

Getting an intuitive reading with me is different from the ongoing intimacy coaching I offer. In my coaching work, you’re an active part of the container, sharing your stories, engaging in exercises to reshape your narrative. 

But in a reading, you are invited to sit back and receive. What you’ll hear is a reflection of the wisdom that is waiting inside you to be seen, and it’s been waiting for a long time. 

It’s helpful if you come with a question (or a list!), much in the same way you might consult a tarot deck. Your inquiry will guide the session, but be prepared for surprises.


What does an intuitive actually see?

As a professional intuitive, I’m often asked what I see when I read a person’s energy.

My intuition comes mostly from a sense of knowing (it’s called claircognizance), but I just as often see visuals or hear verbal guidance.

But before you think that it’s me directing the flow, understand that I only read what you show me. When I connect to you on an energetic level, I simply follow the map of where you’re ready to go, what patterns you’re ready to address. My training and ethics mean I honor your energetic “no trespassing” signs, and don’t push you further than you’re willing to explore.

And if you think your darkest places might scare me, trust me, I’ve seen worse.

Who is not right for this work?

Some people don’t resonate with energetic or intuitive work (that doesn’t mean skeptics – I actually love it when people hire me to find out if intuition actually exists!). However, I don’t recommend one-time intuitive readings to those who:

  • need ongoing work to resolve deep trauma or difficult patterns (you’ll be better served by a regular, ongoing intimacy coaching package – check out The Art of Worship to learn an embodied practice of surrender and receiving or Inner Narrative Alchemy for a somatic and emotional reshaping of your life’s patterns). But if you want to get an initial reading with me to know if we’re a fit for ongoing work, come on in.  
  • believe that all their problems will go away after one session (healing is a way of being, not a destination).
  • want to manipulate others’ energy or “fix” someone else. It’s hard enough to heal your own patterns, why add another task?  


If we’re a fit, it would be my honor to show you a new way to see the love in your life. 

Book your Oracle of Love reading today.

The Oracle of Love, Sonja Semyonova

I have been a practicing intuitive for more than 25 years, and a believer in love for all my life. 

I began studying the power of intuition and energy healing with masters and mystics in my early 20s, learning technique, philosophy, and Truth that allows me to offer compassionate and non-judgmental guidance no matter what comes my way. I’ve encountered nearly every pattern in relationships, sex, and love that you could imagine; trust me, you won’t freak me out. 

Over the years of working with clients, I noticed that more and more were coming to me to address issues in their love lives. This, combined with my study of somatic sex education and publishing my book, Letters to My Lovers, made me see that the power of eros is life force itself, and deserves to be recognized as such.  

Oracle of Love intuitive readings are an offering on the altars of Venus, Aphrodite, Parvati, Oshun, and all the goddesses who have affirmed to us the power of love is greater than all the violence. 

In a time of war, it’s up to us to reclaim this delicate and precious power.

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