Befriend your body. Rewrite the story of your life.

Hello –

Welcome to your BodyStory.


In this space, I invite you to step into wholeness. To shed the apologies, shame, and self-criticism that have kept you prisoner. I invite you to shut off those little voices in your head saying you’re not enough and listen to the only one that matters – that which reminds you of your inherent perfection. 

Sit with me here in this cozy nest I’ve prepared. Drink some tea and show me all the loose strings you’ve been collecting, those reminders of all your body has experienced. Then let me show you how to weave them into something beautiful. As we do, you’ll experience the kind of healing that knows that there is no such thing as failure – only growth, and no such thing as defeat – only willing, blissful surrender. 


This is your journey – and it is perfect.


Letters to my Lovers: A Memoir of Sex, Love, & Loss


This book is for anyone who wants to believe in love again. But not love the way it’s being sold. This is not about fairy tales and Hollywood romances, but trusting the true nature of love, one that is as glorious as it is brutal. Part confessional memoir, part erotica, part tutorial on how to turn heartbreak into fuel, this book will redefine how you see love and manage the inevitable loss that comes with it. In 25 intensely personal love letters and an essay that offers an alternative to modern romance, you’ll learn what it means to risk everything for love and live to tell the tale. More than just secrets from the bedroom, this book is a guide to creating real intimacy in an increasingly closed-off world.


My Work…

In Your Words

“It is so refreshing and humbling to receive healing from someone who walks you home to your own medicine within your heart. That’s all we could ever ask for. To walk each other home to the truth within.”


I’m Sonja.


I’m a healer, intuitive, writer, muse, and creator of BodyStory. 

I’ve been a writer since I could hold a pen and a healer for many lifetimes. Far more than a profession, these are my callings. I’ve used both to transform my life and my relationship with my body, and I’m honored to support others who are looking to do the same.  

I built BodyStory based on 30+ years of studying a diverse range of healing modalities, including intuitive development, energy healing, witchcraft, erotic arts, somatic sex education, trauma recovery, yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, and so much more. (If I’m not studying something, I’m probably dead.) 

Yet even though I’m a seeker, I’m also a skeptic. I have spent decades digesting what I’ve learned, sorting through the surface-level spirituality and fluffy techniques that limits our ability to truly heal. 

What I have come to over and over is an awareness of how to build resiliance and passion for life by working directly at the intersection of pain and pleasure in our bodies.

My work offers something deeper to those who are ready to become the main character of their lives.  

Shall we write some magic words together?

In Your Words

“With you I can be who I am and say the things I want without feeling like I’ll get fingers pointed at me.”


Work with me


1:1 - Inner Narrative Alchemy

Deeply personal 1:1 support

The Art of Worship

Harness the power of your body - and use it for the highest good

Love Story: A Course

A self guided program on turning pain into power

Awaken your body. Come into your power.


The world is waking up. More and more of us are asking ourselves what we want and we are willing to give up in order to get there. 

There is no blanket answer to these questions, only a direction: toward your embodied wisdom, your intuition. 

Awake is a monthly workshop devoted to gently rousing your embodied intuition and welcoming it into the light of day…

In Your Words

“BodyStory was a truly transformative experience. Sonja beautifully weaves Ayurvedic wisdom with her own intuition in a way that creates profound connection to the ancient teachings.”


“Taking part in Sonja’s BodyStory class and sharing with her and others allowed my body and heart to have a more clear voice about its wants, needs and desires. Sonja created a sacred safe container for us to share openly and spontaneously.”


“I have participated in several SevaMama online courses and each has enriched my life in a different way. With each course, I gain new insights and build my Ayurvedic toolbox.”


The Journal

Don’t Stop Me Now: The Erotic and the Power of a Healthy Nervous System

Don’t Stop Me Now: The Erotic and the Power of a Healthy Nervous System

When it comes to healing, the way up isn’t always down. I’m speaking in terms of the nervous system, of course. And I’m speaking to the multitude of teachings that focus on attuning to calm as the definition of healing. What I’m saying is that true nervous system...

“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40