Week 4 Recipe: Sweet Nectar Smoothie

Ayurvedic self-care (un)recipe: Sweet Nectar Smoothie

This is an unrecipe for an unsmoothie. Maybe it’s what happened if your typical smoothie began to dance and journal every day and finally got in touch with who it really is: a warm, nourishing treat that fills us with bliss.

Here’s the basic idea, but as always, make it your own. You can substitute the almonds for any kind of nut (soaked or toasted) or replace it with milk or mylk of any kind and omit the water. Use the spice combination that you adore. In a pinch, you could even replace the dates with another ojas-building sweet ingredient, like honey (which I almost had to do for this video because Canada isn’t exactly known for its date farms).

Sweet nectar smoothie

For 2ish

2 palmfuls of soaked and peeled almonds

4 to 6 dates, depending upon the size (you can soak these for 5 minutes in boiling water if they are not super fresh)

1 TBSP. ghee

A few pinches of cardamom and cinnamon

About 1- 1 ½ cups warm water (you choose how thick or thin you want it)

Blend everything for a couple of seconds (if you have a Vitamix-type blender) or about a minute (in an old fashioned blender). Savor in small amounts.