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“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

Inside every woman lives a million stories. Whether we keep them to ourselves or share them with others, each of our stories is led by a heroine whose wisdom deserves to be explored, integrated, and shared.

From first bleed to first sex to first child, our feminine passages are jouneys to deep, intuitive understanding that can guide our whole lives. Yet few of us have unearthed all the wisdom that we gained. Whether our journey was positive or filled with pain, we have the power to reframe our histories and redefine our relationship to our power in the present moment.

Over the next nine months, join your sisters in three online women’s circles devoted to uncovering and rewriting the stories about three key feminine passages (childbirth, the start of menstruation, and first sexual experience). Through guided meditation, creative journaling, and reframing exercises, we’ll tap into our heroine’s wisdom so that we can explore and deprogram core beliefs and reclaim the intuitive wisdom we gained in these journeys.

At the end of each of these programs, you’ll have the tools to write and share your feminine journey so that everyone can benefit from your wisdom. You do not need to have any writing experience to get the benefit.

Join any or all of these WomenStory Circles to celebrate, grieve, and be in awe of our embodied feminine power.

The WomanStory Journeys


Ran May 2019

Reframe your birth story and the passage into mamahood.


Begins April 9, 2020

Revisit your first bleed and rediscover the magic of your moontime, or menstruation.



Begins July 16, 2020

Go back to your first sexual experience, whether it was magical, mixed, or without your consent, and reclaim what you left behind.

Our stories can either shine in the light or haunt us in the shadows. The difference is not how proud or ashamed we are of the experience, only how we have integrated the journey. Join any or all of the WomanStory circles to bring the wholeness of your passages into the light.

What to expect in WomanStory:

  • Tools to open, use, and actively direct your intuition

  • Creative journaling prompts and exercises to get you out of your head

  • Guided meditation to connect you with Truth

  • Learning to trust the wisdom of your emotions

  • Dancing and other bliss practices

  • Deep and meaningful healing

  • Learn how to hold space for your sisters as they step into their power

  • Support for your journey, exactly as it has gone (zero judgment, 100% acceptance)

  • Little kisses from the goddess

  • Discounts for one-on-one work when you’re ready to go deeper

Contact me (Sonja) at mama@sevamama.com at any time with questions.

Why Join WomanStory?

Because the narratives we tell ourselves and others shapes what we accept in life. In other words, our stories set the bar for how high (or low) we allow ourselves to go.

Because shame is dissolved when our deepest secrets are exposed to light.

Because all women deserve a supportive network of other women to share and celebrate.

Because words are powerful, and they are tools at our disposal for healing.

Because we not only digest what we eat, but our emotions and experiences. When we take time to integrate on our transformational experiences, health in all areas follows.

Because even if you don’t call yourself a writer or an artist, you are a creative being at your core and this deserves to be expressed, however imperfectly.

Because every woman deserves to release what is getting in the way of her seeing her wisdom. And the world desperately needs us to do this work.

Sign up for WomanStory today to reframe and reclaim your feminine passages.

MamaStory begins May 22

BloodStory begins October 23

LoveStory begins TBD 2020