Three Minutes in Heaven

3 Minutes in Heaven.png

Today as you sit in your personal reckoning, amidst the global reckoning…

as you reach for solid ground only to have it disappear…

as you look out from your place in the socially distanced society you occupy…

…may you look out and find compassion, joy, and tender care (a brightly colored leaf falling from a tree, a man tenderly petting a dog, a child laughing).

And if you don’t see that beautiful thing, may you consciously curate pleasure.

My offering to you is a bite-sized pleasure practice, called Three Minutes in Heaven, which I shared with my BodyStory group last week. It takes just three minutes, requires things you probably already have, and leaves you feeling marvelous and ready to face the chaos feeling more like the beauty you are.

To get the practice, Three Minutes in Heaven, just share your email and get access right away.

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