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Now I Know

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Awakening, Journal, Self-love, Wisdom Bites | 0 comments

It’s impossible to know in the moment of doing something big why you are doing it.

You may have your reasons at the time. You may lay each of them logically out on the table in front of you and argue your points with whomever is listening.

But you don’t really know why.

One day long after that action has been done, you will wake up and give yourself a good stretch. In doing so you will pull a muscle that is a lever to a time machine drawing you back, back, back to that point where you thought you knew so well.

Don’t linger too long in the past (we have all seen the damage done when people with future knowledge strap themselves into time machines). Dive in. Pull yourself out. Act quickly, but carefully.

Then, back in the now, pause long enough with the experience to get that flash of insight that straddles the line between intuition and rational thought.

That insight will show you the true reason. More than likely, the ignorance of your mind clouded the true why. But your body led you anyway. And you listened, my child, you listened.

And that is how you learn how to trust yourself.


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