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The Nest and The Giveaway

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Journal, Self-love, Wisdom Bites | 0 comments

The Nest is waiting.

Last December, in a surge of creativity, I wrote an essay about the power of honesty — the way that being honest destroys shame like sunlight to mold. I finally published it on my blog last week. But you can’t see it unless you’re a member of The Nest, the new secret clubhouse on my website where I’m writing and teaching.

The essay on honesty became the theme — honesty– for the first month of The Nest. It led to three more very honest blogs and a live gathering (happening this week!) to explore the concept with my first members.

As every powerful teacher I’ve learned from has said to me, honesty is the best place to begin. Honesty destroys shame. It shakes our secrets out of the hiding places that keep us in the dark. It allows us to direct our attention to the things we want, rather than using our precious reserves to protect things we don’t really like.

But like all valuable things, we should not toss out our deepest honesty to anyone passing by. No, we should reserve it for those who can truly hold us in safety, those who choose to meet us here.

This is why the essay, which includes some juicy details about my life, is part of The Nest, and not published on my public blog.

If you’re the type who wants more honesty, if you’re the kind who has grown tired of the lying (even if you don’t know what else is possible), if you’re the type who is waiting to meet the Truth with a capital T, you’re my kind of person. You’re exactly who I created The Nest for.

About The Nest

What’s it like inside? You choose your level, starting at just $12 a month, and get access to secret blog posts, the group gathering (called Awake in The Nest), and regular 1:1 Wisdom Guidance with me. My current favorite: the Silver level, which gives you a ticket to all I’ll be writing on the secret blog AND access to Awake in The Nest.

Each month will include an anchor post announcing the theme, Ayurveda, yoga (more than poses), and a wildcard post with rotating content, like this month’s The Spiritual Side of Sex. Check out the full list of content offerings here.

The Giveaway

Curious about what we’re doing up here in the trees? Enter the giveaway to win a ticket into the July Awake in The Nest live, virtual gathering. Get a taste of what it’s like, then join us as we take to the skies each month.




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