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Yoga Nidra on Perfection

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Your body is perfect. Every part of you is divinely given. There are no mistakes in your form. Everything you call a flaw is a point of experience and self-discovery. Your body, the vessel of your spirit, is perfectly imperfect. 

Let this practice of yoga nidra remind you of that truth.

How to Set Up for Yoga Nidra

Here are a couple tips to make your yoga nidra practice extra powerful:

  1. This practice is best done in savasana, the pose of surrender, but if your mobility demands a different set up, please reach out for guidance. In savasana I recommend support beneath your knees, such as a bolster at minimum or elevating your lower legs on a chair. This relaxes the pelvis and reduces strain on your lower spine.
  2. Make yourself a cozy nest. Yoga mat, piles of blankets, a folded towel or small pillow beneath your head — get fussy about your comfort.
  3. Remember that this is a practice. Sometimes you’ll drop in and sometimes you’ll drop off to sleep. Have no judgment on what happens. Instead, let it be an experience.


Yoga Nidra on Perfection



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“On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.”

The Bhagavad Gita 2:40