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Terrible Reasons to Create, Part 2: Apologies

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Journal, Wisdom Bites | 0 comments

Creativity is not just about what we make. Creative energy is the energy of life itself; as long as we are alive in our bodies we are creating.

Every interaction is a form of creation. Every decision, every meal we make or eat. Every breath. It’s our intention that nurtures the seed of creativity, making it beneficial or harmful.

Today’s Terrible Reason (creating to seek or make an apology) starts with a caveat: In a festering wound, nothing can grow. A well-placed apology can suture the skin and turn it into fertile ground again. That is necessary at times. But the kind of Terrible Reason I’m talking about today is creating from a belief that your power to create your particular kind of creation is a mistake.

This has to do with the first Terrible Reason (seeking legitimacy), but it’s a left turn off that road. Creating for legitimacy assumes that someone else can give you your inherent authority. Creating from an apology assumes you are inherently in debt for the authority that you naturally have.

Creating from an apology looks like hesitancy from the start. It looks like over or underwatering a creation or trying to give it away to anyone who happens to walk by. It looks rushed, feels underbaked, and tastes like there’s a bit too much of something trying to cover up something else.

You harmed no one by being born, so no need to go on like this. Your existence is a miracle of two people, one egg, and one sperm all meeting in perfect timing, going all the way back through your ancestral line. Don’t tell me there’s nothing divine about you.

If you live life as an apology, go get yourself in front of a mirror. Let your next — and last — apology land there.

You deserve to take up the space you take up.

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