Befriend your body. Rewrite the story of your life.


of Self Pleasure

Bringing self-love out of the shame closet

Beware: You’re only supposed to do this in private. 

Welcome to Self-Pleasure Stories, a unique anonymous forum to capture your experience with masturbation. 

Whether you call it wanking, fapping, jerking off, playing with yourself, self-abuse (lord, I hope you don’t call it that), telling your story of masturbation is a way to release yourself from shame and move yourself into pleasure. 

Out of the Shame Closet

The act of self-love has too long been relegated to the spaces behind closed doors and under sheets, but what it holds is an offer of self-awareness. 

Yes, your masturbation practice can lead to self-awareness. 

Here’s why: When you learn what makes your body shiver and shake, you can more easily communicate your desires to a partner. And when you know how to ask for what you want in bed, you’ll be more able to ask for what you want in all parts of life

So let’s take this act of self-pleasure out of the shame closet. Share the story of how you self-pleasure using the form below, anonymously or not. The simple act of allowing yourself to be witnessed in this usually secret space might be the most liberating thing you’ve done all year. 


Why I Want to Know

One of my greatest pleasures in life is the ability to support people to rewrite what feels shameful into a story of their personal legend. 

My aim in collecting these stories of self-pleasure is to offer anonymous coaching on my blog and social media around the value of intentional self-pleasure. Your story will in no way be matched to you as an individual (unless you directly tell me that’s what you want). 

Hot tip: I’m looking for three volunteers who want to learn how to develop a deeper relationship with self-love that honors your body as the temple of pleasure it is. Sign up in the second form below.

Using the Form

Below, there are TWO forms. The first, is completely anonymous (if you want it to be.) The second, allows you to volunteer to learn how to develop a deeper relationship with self-love that honors your body as the temple of pleasure it is. 

All questions are optional. Even if you submit your email address using the second form to volunteer, your identifying information will not be paired with your survey responses. 

Self-Pleasure Stories

Name, Initial, or Pseudonym

How old were you the first time you masturbated?

On average, how many times per week do you masturbate?

Describe your overall relationship with masturbation, starting from the first time you ever touched yourself to now? How has it progressed? What emotions does it bring up or release?

What kinds of messages did you receive growing up about masturbation? For example, from your parents, friends, religious leaders, teachers, etc. And do you find these messages helpful or unhelpful?

Do you typically use any of the following aids in masturbation?

If yes, what types of themes in fantasy, porn, memories, etc., arouse you?

Do you typically use toys? If so, which ones do you like best?

Why do you typically masturbate? (ex: stress release, emotional release, go to sleep, for pure pleasure, to reach orgasm)

What is your relationship to orgasm in masturbation?

Have you ever been caught masturbating? If so, what happened?

If you have ever masturbated in front of a mirror, in front of others, or in public, what happened and how did that make you feel?

6 + 12 =

I'd Like to Volunteer:

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