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[Practice] Three Minutes in Heaven

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Journal | 0 comments

Truth is simple. It is not always convenient, but it is pure and elegant. And while it would make sense for Truth to be something we could scientifically prove, it’s something best understood by the way it feels in our bodies.

When I say to my 1:1 clients that the reason they are immersed in a reckoning for Truth in their personal lives is because we are going through the same reckoning on a global scale, this strikes them as True. When I say that their feeling that there is no solid ground is valid because there never has been any such thing (and the more we scramble to hold onto something outside of us, the faster we fall), that also strikes them as True.

And when I say that what we need most now is more compassion, joy, tender care, and curated, conscious pleasure to face the madness, this also strikes them as True.

These are things that have been said to me, by my teachers. It was given to them by their teachers. You are welcome to say these things too. Truth does not belong to any one of us, but it belongs to everyone. It is meant to be passed like bread at a very long table.

With that Truth in mind that I so carefully bolded and italicized above so it didn’t slip your attention, I offer this:

Today as you sit in your personal reckoning, amidst the global reckoning…

as you reach for solid ground only to have it disappear…

as you look out from your place in a socially distanced world…

…may you look out for this compassion, joy, and tender care (a brightly colored leaf falling from a tree, a man tenderly petting a dog, a child laughing).

And if you don’t see that beautiful thing, may you consciously curate it.

I shared a bite-sized pleasure practice, called Three Minutes in Heaven, with my BodyStory group last week. It takes just three minutes, requires things you probably already own, and leaves you feeling marvelous and ready to face the chaos feeling more like the beauty you are.

I want to share this with you, too. (Even if you are part of BodyStory, it’s worth repeating.)

Click here for the practice, Three Minutes in Heaven. Because from the looks of it, we are going to be on a wild ride for a while here, so you’re going to want this in your back pocket.

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