Befriend your body. Rewrite the story of your life.

Imagine feeling satisfied no matter what is happening.

Imagine feeling satisfied no matter what is happening.  

Picture safely catching every curve ball life throws at you. 

Envision yourself being genuinely, exquisitely pleased with exactly what you have. 


Does this feel out of reach? Join BodyStory: Satisfaction to learn how to get there. 

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What is BodyStory?

BodyStory is a live, online course that recognizes that every body has a divine story to tell. Through our pleasure, pain, stuckness, and mobility we experience journeys that lead to deep self-realization. By writing the story of our strongest and weakest parts, we learn what it means to live, and how to live better.   


In six live classes (recordings will be available) you’ll be guided through practical Ayurvedic wisdom, creative journaling exercises, embodiment practices, and simple Ayurvedic recipes to redefine your relationship with the skin you’re in.  


BodyStory: Satisfaction is about the story of getting what you want and wanting what you’ve got.

We start April 21, 2022.

Maybe you know what you want, but are you ready to receive what you get?

This course teaches us to make friends with the range of life’s emotional experiences using the lens of the teachings of Ayurveda’s six tastes. In six weeks you’ll learn to identify the true nature of satisfaction (hint: it’s not about being happy all the time) and mature your relationship with your desires for food, experiences, and life.  

We go inward on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, starting April 21, 2022

Learn What Satisfaction Actually Means, and How to Get There


Think of the moment of satisfaction that a child receives from a bite of candy. What happens directly after the candy is gone? She doesn’t skip away, relishing in the lingering sweet taste on her tongue. No, she demands another piece. And another. And another. 

Sound familiar? 

In BodyStory: Satisfaction, we’ll dive into the question of what it really means to be satisfied and how to attune yourself to pleasure no matter what is happening. 

Our journey will explore the land beyond the beliefs that:

  • Satisfaction comes only when we get exactly what we want, when we want it
  • Fulfillment is having more of what we like and less of what we don’t like
  • Desiring pleasure from foods, experiences, partners, etc. is spiritually or physically harmful 
  • Finding contentment requires us to compromise or give up our dreams

We’ll meet weekly for six weeks, beginning Thursday, April 21, to introduce a new definition of satisfaction, one that is rooted in emotional intelligence, embodiment, and outrageous acceptance of whatever life offers. 

Using the lens of Ayurveda’s six tastes — the key to being nourished, satisfied with your meals, and ending food cravings — we’ll explore how each of these tastes maps onto your physical and emotional experience. 

You’ll leave with the tools to: 

  • bring more pleasure into your life (and on your plate)
  • harness the power of your desires, whether you get them or not 
  • embrace all emotions, even the ones you want to run screaming away from 
  • release perfectionism for good 

Each week’s live group teaching (recordings will be available) are supplemented by Ayurvedic recipes to guide you through preparing a complete Ayurvedic meal with all six tastes present. You’ll experience satisfaction and taste it.

We go inward on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, starting April 21, 2022


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Satisfaction and the Six Tastes of Ayurveda

You are what you eat — seriously. Every meal builds a foundation for how we express our lives, and Ayurveda’s six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent) give us a container that leads to balance. 

The teaching of the six tastes allows us to end the battle between overindulgence and denial and move to that soft place in between — satisfaction. 

But we won’t stop at just what’s in your bowl — this course is a journey through the physical and emotional aspects of the six tastes. You’ll apply what you learn to your cooking and your relationship to life. 

You’ll learn:

  • The physical effects of each of the six tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent).
  • The emotional pathways that each of the tastes opens for us.
  • Why you crave certain tastes and how to work with the cravings, not against them.  

If you’ve studied Ayurveda before, you’ve never experienced it like this.

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Learn how to want what you have and have what you want. 

What You Will Receive in BodyStory: Satisfaction


• Weekly live classes filled with a modern application of ancient Ayurvedic and yogic teachings around satisfaction and desire.
• Access to emotional witchcraft tools that allow you to make friends with all your emotions. 
• Pleasure practices to draw upon every day, for any experience.
• Weekly Ayurvedic “unrecipes” to learn the six tastes. 
• The structure to develop a journaling practice as a tool for self-awareness.  
• A safe group of likeminded people to share and witness the story of your satisfaction.     
• The chance to befriend your body and make sense of the experience you’ve had within it. 

Your Body, Your Story. Told By You. 

I am a writer and have been an avid journaler ever since I could hold a pen, so I know the healing power of personal storytelling. It is a tool of digestion, organization, and self-awareness that makes us more available to ourselves and the world.

Journaling and creative writing are ways to find our inner answers. By daring to ask the questions that have been hounding you about your digestion, desires, and all the other gooey bits, you might find you already know what you should do.


There is no perfect way to do Ayurveda.  

I have been a student and teacher of Ayurveda for eight years, four of which I spent apprenticing with a well-respected practitioner. I apply these teachings daily not through a rigid, static understanding of balance, but as a tool of self-inquiry. 

When we point ourselves toward a daily practice of nourishment, self-inquiry, and limitless self-love, we find healing — even if nothing else has seemed to work.    

Ayurveda is our guide in BodyStory: Satisfaction. I will share wisdom, practical tips, and (un)recipes to move away from chronic dissatisfaction and into full, wild approval. 

Write the legend of your satisfaction — join BodyStory: Satisfaction.

We go inward on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, starting April 21

True satisfaction is not found in any “thing,” but in a way of living. 

This program is ideal for you if: 

  • You are always searching for the next best thing — job, travel, relationship, etc.
  • You have difficulty finding the motivation to wake up each day.
  • You wrestle with perfectionism or have had people tell you that your standards are too high.
  • You have struggled with compulsive eating, food cravings, or have a history of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, or orthorexia). Note: this is not a replacement for therapy if you have an active eating disorder. I encourage you to ask a trusted medical professional if this program could support your process.
  • You are constantly disappointed with other people or yourself.   
  • You want to develop new (and doable) digestive self-care habits from a place of self-approval, not self-denial. 
  • You have difficulty asking for what you want, or accepting when a desire is delivered. 
  • You want to learn Ayurveda from a more nuanced and organic perspective — without the food lists and harsh diet restrictions.   

This program is designed for those brand new to Ayurveda, as well as seasoned students looking to embody the teachings through storytelling. You don’t need any experience with writing or journaling to join!


This program is NOT for you if:

  • You want a quick fix for your health. 
  • You are looking for a diet or detox.  
  • You aren’t ready to embrace your whole self, including the parts that exist in shadow.
  • You are looking for black-and-white answers about your body.

Week by Week

Each week we’ll join for one live group call, followed by a recorded Ayurvedic cooking lesson to watch on your own time (all sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access). 

Week 1: I Want Candy: Sweetness and the Search for Satisfaction

  • How to stop filling the unfillable hole with the wrong things
  • Pleasure practice: Lingering with sweetness
  • Recipe: Perfect ghee pie crust (Ayurveda approved)

Week 2: Sour/Astringent Grapes: The Beauty of Contraction

  • The need for contraction and the desire for endless expansion
  • Why positive thinking is not the answer (nor is negativity)
  • Pleasure practice: Taking touch
  • Recipe: Mint lassi


Week 3: Salty Dog: How to Know What Enough Feels Like

  • Asking for support, feeling the support that already exists
  • What to do with cravings (besides push them down)
  • Pleasure practice: Rage release
  • Recipe: Ginger bite

Week 4: Pungency: Bring on the Fireworks

  • The secrets the spices know
  • Managing “hot” emotions
  • Pleasure practice: Burning desires 
  • Recipe: Spiced squash

Week 5: Beauty and the Bitter Taste

  • Emotional self-defense 
  • How to bitter, better: An end to over-detoxing
  • Pleasure practice: Owning your gaze
  • Recipe: Sauteed greens


Week 6: Wrapping it Up

  • Building a unified body that can hold what it has
  • Understanding the feeling-sense of your desires
  • Pleasure practice: Pleasure chest
  • Recipe: Lovely lentils + bringing together the meal

Write YOUR BodyStory.

Register Today. Go inward with us starting April 13.

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